CoreLane is a provider of financial technology solutions driven by one premise: Build solutions that are “One Click Simple.”

Our innovative product CreditLane provides multiple benefits to Lenders and Dealers:

  • Based on over a year of research focused on how dealers and lenders source and fund applications
  • Deeper integrations with Lenders LOS and Dealers DMS systems, supporting real-time bi-directional communication and loan structure updates
  • Built on an enterprise messaging bus providing high availability and facilitating the addition of new services
  • Scalable cloud-based solution to easily meet our customer’s changing requirements
  • Sate of the art data centers with fully compliant operational controls, data security and redundancy

Agile development methodologies: We develop our solutions by working directly with customers. We build small iterations of the application, receive stake holder feedback, and quickly adapt in our next iteration.

Experienced team: Backgrounds include highly available SaaS environments, web conferencing, high volume transactions, compliance, Multi $B annual ETFs, and security. Market segments include finance, automotive, government, and digital marketing.

Provide custom solutions to lenders: We have provided several custom applications which encompass integrations with an LOS and Business Intelligence Systems

Technology that is “One Click Simple”

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