About CreditLane

About CreditLane

changes everything!

Lower your Application Source Costs!
Communicate Faster with Dealers!
Speed-Up Underwriting, Funding while Reducing Errors!
Quickly & Easily Create New Dealer Relationships!


Lower Application Costs: CreditLane is available to lenders at a significantly lower cost per application. Experience dramatic cost savings while realizing the benefits of enhanced functionality such as:

Respond faster to dealers with loan decisions: CreditLane Optimizes the loan negotiation, underwriting and funding process with its bi-directional integration into your Dealer’s DMS. Send and receive loan updates to your dealers in real time!

Minimize Errors: CreditLane pushes the final approved loan structure from the LOS back into the Dealer’s DMS reducing contracting errors and unwound deals.

Application Filters: Define criteria to help dealers and lenders find the best fit for a particular deal, saving time and money.

CreditLane Lender Directory: This free marketing tool allows lenders to deliver marketing “sound-bites” and other information to prospective Dealers. Dealers can easily connect with CreditLane lenders with a few mouse clicks—submitting applications within minutes of lender approval!

Facilitate Dealer Onboarding: CreditLane will push new Dealer information into your defi LOS, saving valuable Dealer onboarding time! If a Dealer already exists, Lenders can easily connect a CreditLane partner request from a Dealer to your pre-existing LOS Dealer with our Dealer “smart search”.

Easily try-out new Dealers: The first five applications from any new Dealer are provided at no cost to the Lender. Get a “feel” for the paper a new dealer will be sending to you!