CreditLane announces its integration with defi SOLUTIONS LOS. These Release Notes are how to leverage and set up this integration.

CreditLane optimizes the application and funding process with bi-directional, real-time integration with defi Solutions and its Dealer’s Dealer Management System (DMS) partners.

Configuring Application Sources
You can on-board with CoreLane directly from the defi. There is now a new source entry for CreditLane on your Application Sources screen. Selection of the CreditLane source link will display the Application Sources configuration screen for CreditLane.

Configuring Application Sources

CreditLane Applications Sources Link

Note: If you don’t see the CreditLane application source, ask your defi Product Manager to enable it.
Application Sources

Application Sources

The CreditLane Application Sources configuration screen provides the ability for you to configure defi with the CreditLane settings.

Pressing the Configure CreditLane link will launch the CreditLane Lender Portal. Note that if you have not configured CreditLane in defi, the link will say: “Sign up with CreditLane.”

Once your CreditLane credentials are saved in the defi configuration screen, you will be able to seamlessly navigate to the CreditLane portal from defi.

Within the CreditLane Lender Portal, you can perform the following activities:

  • Easily manage your CreditLane profile
  • Realtime Dealer invitation management
    o Accept Dealer requests, pushing Dealer information directly into defi, instantly enabling reception of applications
    o Suspend or terminate Dealer relationships
  • Set your filters for incoming Dealer applications
    o These applications are enforced, and do not allow the dealers to override them
    o Helpful messages are provided for Dealers
  • Optionally market yourself to CreditLane Dealers
    o Specify your “personalized” marketing message to Dealers
        • Include your links to your website and social media
    o Dealers can easily send you a partner invitation request from CreditLane

Configuring Dealers Screen
Dealers Configuration
Dealers Configuration

CreditLane fields were added to the Dealers screen, including seamless navigation to the CreditLane Lender Portal when you select the Open In CreditLane link.

Within minutes a new dealer may be enabled to send loan applications to defi via CreditLane.

If you would like more information related to this CreditLane service from CoreLane Technologies, please visit or contact:


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